Ahead of his appearance at EQ Live THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, Simon Curtis has just premiered his new single "Superhero" which is streaming exclusively over at Just Jared right now!

In a few words – mother fucking flawless.  I am equally in love with the Jadion remix that is going around to pop bloggers too – I think you'll love it too.

There will be a few tickets on the door for Simon Curtis, Andrea Lewis and Ro Danishei at EQ Live – sponsored by Kinect for Xbox 360 on Saturday night at The Workshop - but be warned, they are going very fast.  You can still get your EQ Live tickets right here on the blog via PayPal until tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

In the meantime, head on over to Just Jared right now to fall in love, lust and everything in-between with "Superhero", the new single by Simon Curtis.