Hey EQs – apologies if my posts have been rather short lately.  Life in workland has felt like being trapped in a pressure cooker lately.  Poor Geri hasn’t seen me much at all and he’s worried as I’ve been coming home all bug-eyed from and sore-fingered from laptop mania.  However on the ‘oh that’s cute’ front, we have decided to become fathers and on Saturday, we are going to pick up our adopted cat Ronnie from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.  Ronnie was such a flirt at the cattery, that we couldn’t help but take him home.  I’ve never had a pet before, so let’s hope this all works out!  I’m hoping he’ll bring a little joy into the loft.  As fate would have it, my damn Apple TV console won’t work on my television either, so now I must splash out on a new plasma.  And if spending all this money lately wasn’t enough…

  1. …we just treated ourselves to VIP seats for Darren Hayes ‘Time Machine Tour’ at Royal Albert Hall.  Yes you heard it correctly, VIP packages already on sale for fan club members and regular tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am!  Go on treat yourself!
  2. So they are making a UK musical based on the Madonna movie – ‘Desperatley Seeking Susan’.  Now that kinda sounds cool – but we are a bit indifferent that the music is being supplied by Blondie.  For some reason this collaboration doesn’t seem to sit well for us.  But we will probably go see it anyways.
  3. And speaking of musicals, we saw Avenue Q for the fifth time in London last weekend.  God I love this musical – nothing else like it.
  4. Please can we pay respect to Samuel Hamilton of the Hot Stuff Files.  After a year and a half of blogging, he has decided to call it a day.  We are saddened by this news.  Samuel is our favourite pop blogger by a mile and we even became online friends.  Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Samuel though!  But until then, read his goodbye post and cross your fingers that he makes a comeback!
  5. We keep getting hounded at Tottenham Court Road about our Dragonette Oyster Card Wallet – it’s pink, it’s fab.  But yes, it’s pink.  Everyone asks us – oooh where can we get that!  We love it.  We actually feel fashionable!
  6. Still haven’t listened to the Mika album yet – we keep getting distracted by the Magnus Carlsson album.  Sigh.
  7. We’ve been addicted to Season 3 of Nip/Tuck on DVD – it’s so trashy we love it.  Has anyone noticed that the new Channel 4 show Brothers & Sisters is quite eerie in the fact that it’s almost based entirely on the same premise as Six Feet Under?  Father dies and leaves family with the shit business, overbearing mother, brothers and sisters that don’t look anything alike, an uptight gay brother and for heaven’s sake, Rachel Griffiths is even in it.  Weird.
  8. SPOTTED: Uma Thurman standing opposite me near a post office in Holborn.  I couldn’t believe it was her!  Made my lunch hour.
  9. Enrique’s ‘Ring My Bells’ is a poptastic song – we can’t get enough of it at the moment.
  10. And finally what do you think of Calvin Harris’ new video to ‘Merry Making At My Place’?  We think it’s funny when he ‘invites people to the back of his house’ !!!  WTF! Sounds kinda sexual to us!