Sigh. New Depeche Mode.  It's so good to be a lover of electronic music right now with the founding fathers of electronica DM and PSB both releasing new albums this year.  Talk about sensory overload. Fuck – even Erasure are putting out more tuneage this year…it's like Christmas everyday here at EQ HQ!

Obviously I love it and I think it's a great kickoff single choice from their new album "Sounds Of The Universe". Die hard fans are hungry for it and "Wrong" is most certainly "right" to ignite the massive invasion of DM's world tour this year.  If I don't get a ticket to their show at the O2…I will most certainly die.

Fingers crossed that the music video will see Anton Corbjin return (as hinted at the German press conference).  I'd hate to see a video opportunity wasted.  Not to be bitchy, but I was a little let down with PSB's video to "Love, Etc".  I hate it when music videos are completely animated.  I guess I'm a live action sort of guy – especially when it comes to my favourite electronica legends.

Update:  Check out Electronically Yours brilliant post on this breaking news…complete with lyrics!