My depressingly beloved Depeche Mode will be releasing Tour Of The Universe on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 8th in the UK with a pleathora of bonus features.  And all I got to say is – wow. This is really what Blu-Ray was made for.  I mean seriously, I can only watch The Matrix trilogy so many times now…finally a music Blu-Ray that I will massively love comes to fruition.  I’ll never forget this last Depeche Mode tour – I actually got to go backstage at The O2 when it rolled up into London – life defining moment.

Check out the vingnette of the band performing “I Feel You” for a taster of what’s to come and if you’re curious about the tracklist, look no further than after the jump.

Depeche Mode – Tour Of The Universe Barcelona 20/21:11:09

1. In Chains
2. Wrong
3. Hole To Feed
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. It’s No Good
6. A Question Of Time
7. Precious
8. Fly On The Windscreen
9. Jezebel
10. Home
11. Come Back
12. Policy Of Truth
13. In Your Room
14. I Feel You
15. Enjoy The Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again
17. Dressed In Black
18. Stripped
19. Behind The Wheel
20. Personal Jesus
21. Waiting For The Night

Bonus tracks
World In My Eyes
Sister Of Night
Miles Away / The Truth Is
One Caress