If you haven’t already discovered the creative pop of alternative underground artist Laura Bettinson aka FEMME, then it’s about time to be awakened by her inventively ingenious adventures into experimental music and style culture.

Laura’s avant-garde pop aesthetic is one that has been finding it’s way through to the cool fashionista school of Stella McCartney, forming part of soundtrack to her 2012 catwalk collection and previous to that Bettinson’s name has been synonymous with her accomplished grasp of abstractly engaging alt-pop, that has seen her perform as Dimbleby & Capper, FEMME and also as a 1/3 of forward thinking experimental electronic project Ultraista founded by Radiohead’s Nigel Godrich.

FEMME is definitely raising her profile, it’s one that’s alluring powerful by the sheer feral, panoramic and stimulatingly inventive nature of Laura’s pop ethic.

Now noted and signed-up with the Adidas Neo campaign alongside a host of starry names like Selena Gomez, FEMME reaches out with a futuristically swaying, mesmerizing alt-pop introduction in “Daydreamer”.

Hypnotically, spellbinding with a bohemian streak of fascination “Daydreamer” is also offered as a FREE download