It's quite interesting to know that this female electronic trio – Au Revoir Simone – is ticking all the right boxes for legendary film director David Lynch. He's even lent a hand to the gals new video in the creation of their new video.  This is what he had to say about them…

"I love Au Revoir Simone. These girls have what it takes. Music just flows out of them so naturally—and it's great music. This video for "Shadows" — from their new album "Still Night, Still Light" is mighty — the color and the light are stellar—the moves and looks—minimal—clean—modern and solid. It all comes along so well supporting the girls and their music. Annie, Erika and Heather have got their act together—they're big—but they're gonna be bigger—they're gonna be real big"

Not a bad accolade either.  I quite like the song and video.  It's rather creepy and invokes an eerie electronic warmth.  Subtle, yet powerful.  I'm quite interested in them now.  But when haven't I been interested in three cool women behind synthesizers?

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