‘Step Into The Light’ is the second new album track that Darren Hayes has premiered on his MySpace page today which is taken from his forthcoming double-disc ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’ which is out in August.  This particular song is a touching piece of music which starts out as a haunting piano ballad and builds up into a crescendo of beautifully-orchestrated, lush electronica backed by a Donna Summer-esqe baseline that works surprisingly well.

We’ve said this before about ‘Step Into The Light’ – it feels like a natural progression or sequel as such from his hit ‘Darkness’.  Darren seems to have found a new light of hope on this track – you can almost feel the intensity and tragedy behind the lyrics as Darren exclaims, ‘I’ve never been in love before’.  This has to be one of his most beautifully written songs Darren has ever penned (and we aren’t just saying that).

With remixes by Tony Moran, Shave N Sugar, Wayne G, Moto Blanco, Hook N Sling and Dave Pezza in the works, ‘Step Into The Light’ is aiming to achieve crossover and radio success in all markets.  It’s one of those tracks you can hear on the radio, in the club or even as one of those featured tracks on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.  It just works. 

Please note this is not the first single from Darren’s new album.  ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’ is slated as the first official release and for those of you who haven’t heard it yet – it’s a wonderful piece of pop goodness that you will love – from the prince of re-invention himself.