So last weekend I got the chance to hear a few album cuts from Darren Hayes new long-player and let me tell you, I LOVED LOVED LOVED what I heard.  Of course one of the tracks I heard was his new single "Talk Talk Talk" and I might go out on a limb and say it's one of Darren's finest tracks he's ever made. 

The production on "Talk Talk Talk"could fit in very nicely amongst the pop soundscape of Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" but yet awhile the while "Talk Talk Talk" still remains distinctly Darren Hayes.  It's POP.  It's Dance – It's everything that will make you feel good this summer in it's sheer and sparkly amazingness.

What I also heard (which I am VERY excited about) is Darren's b-side to "Talk Talk Talk" which is a cover version of Madonna's "Angel" from her iconic sophomore album "Like A Virgin".  Darren does the track justice as the production is somewhat similar, yet amazingly brought into the now.  Darren knows that when it comes to Madonna – you shouldn't fuck too much with the original!  Whilst Darren played me "Angel", I was instantly whizzed back to the mid 80s when I bought (and shortly thereafter wore out) my very first 12" record which was in fact "Into The Groove / Angel" and we both had a chuckle about how important this 12" record was to us as pop obsessed youths!

Now I know you are dying to hear me talk talk talk about the album tracks I heard.  You won't be surprised to find out that they are EPIC.  You've got strings, you got Coldplay/U2 moments where the music explodes in colour and you got a set of tracks that very much remind you why the music of Darren Hayes is ultimately very special.  There is so much I can't tell you yet, but rest assured, the album is going to blow you away and I can confidently say that having only heard six cuts from it.  There is a track that Justin Shave does on the album that is mind-blowing – I so can't wait for you to hear it!

For now – here's 43 seconds of "Talk Talk Talk".