Darren Hayes delivered a fantastic show at 1:30am at G-A-Y in London last night for his album launch which was chuck full of lasers, lights fantastic and drunken clubbers.  It was nice to see Darren make the extra effort with the lights and lasers as usually shows at G-A-Y aren’t this elaborate.  Quality production for a G-A-Y appearance if you ask us! 

Setlist: ‘Casey’, ‘Who Would Have Thought’, ‘Step Into The Light’, ‘Me Myself and I’, ‘Insatiable’ and of course new single ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’.


After the show, I got to catch up with Darren and crew where we had a fun chat about all things EQ like ‘What will be Robyn’s next single?’ (Darren really loves Robyn’s ‘Bum Like You’ and ‘Robotboy’!) and the ‘Brilliance of Siobhan Donaghy/our thoughts on her starring in RENT’.

Antigone looked funky dory last night too – think Lady Miss Kier in pink and pearls and Justin Shave was sporting a flawless ‘Fuck Off I’m In The Band’ t-shirt.  Guitarist Steve Young gives us his best rock n roll pose for the EQ camera below…