by Raj Rudolph

Although "Bloodstained Heart" by Darren Hayes has already been serviced to Australia, the UK will finally be getting it's official release of the epic single on February 27th "Bloodstained Heart" is one of the best songs on Darren's "Secret Codes And Battleships" album and after the interest in "Talk Talk Talk" it very well could be Darren's real comeback single with the british public as the song captures an epic feel of any given Coldplay track that we Brits (or wannabe Brits) just love to death.

Check out his commentary from Darren himself below and if you missed the wildly moving video when it dropped in September – you can get caught up on that right here, right now.  You really should download this track too – it's fucking incredible.  Now there's a pop song for you…

Bloodstained Heart - Secret Codes & Battleships (Deluxe Version)