I was on the train this morning at 8am and saw that maestro also sent out a MySpace rant on music piracy following Patrick Wolf's and Lily Allen's thoughts on the subject yesterday.

Read Darren's thoughts on music piracy on his MySpace blog here.

I think Darren does have an interesting angle on the subject, some of his points I wholeheartedly agree with and some of which I don't.  Regardless, it's a touchy issue right now and I think more artists should be speaking up about their thoughts regarding piracy and music sharing on P2P sites and ISPs.  We've come into a day and age where technology rules and in a lot of ways, I think the music industry has been hit hardest by it, but I also think they should have been a little more prepared for it.  Napster reared it's ugly head a long time ago and if that wasn't a gianourmous warning sign, I don't know what is.

Maybe I'll write a blog about my feelings on the issue as a music blogger – I just have a feeling that my thoughts may be a little controversial than most…and is that something you would be interested in reading or would you be more interested in reading about all the hot pop that is on my desk right now…