Responding to a Perez Hilton tweet this morning urging celebrities to make a video for gay youth in light of the recent rise of young gay suicides, Darren Hayes has just literally put out his “It Gets Better” video and I have to say, it’s a priveledge to watch. Darren Hayes bravely shares his story of what it was like for him being an “artistic” youth and how he rose above the bullying to have a happy and healthy career and life.

I actually applaud Perez Hilton for reaching out to his celebrity friends and contacts to help support this cause. It’s definitely one of the more cooler things he’s done and I think that with the help and encouragement of celebrities and outstanding out artists like Darren Hayes, the world will start to look a lot brighter for the gay youth of the world.

Thanks Darren and thanks Perez. Check out some of the “It Gets Better” videos as part of the project. It kinda makes me wanna do one myself – very inspiring. I want to see more of these by EQ approved artists…