In the wee hours of 5am UK time Darren Hayes announced on Facebook and Twitter that he will be hosting a series of album playback parties in London, Sydney, Brisbane and Los Angeles for members of his fan club.  Dates have yet to be announced but it looks like they might be scheduled for late March or April. 

How exciting!  Darren Hayes new album is another of my "30 Reasons Why Music Won't Suck In 2011" and I'm very very curious about these "stormy little ship" images that he keeps dropping around on social networking sites.  Me personally, I'm way excited.  Darren has been keeping rather tight-lipped about the new music and I haven't heard any of it yet, but I am expecting something that will be epic pop no doubt.

If there was a time to renew your Darren Hayes fan club membership, the time is now EQs!