Although we are year late to the party, the Latino represent is important on EQ; meet Costa Rica‘s Synth-Pop/Nu Disco group Patterns. Their soul-stirring debut album Dangerous Intentions, a highly addictive record from start to finish. (thanks HD for poppin’ them on my map!)

Unleashing their 80s inspired soul-electronica sound and gender-fuck models on their lead single “Sunny Days” , the band have let fly a style and perfectly executed sound that makes us want to put on our dancing shoes and crash the dance floor. Michelle Gonzalez’s vocals are out-of-this-world and could easily transport anyone to a disco heaven trance in a heartbeat.

‘Dangerous Intentions’ has a creative style of contemporary and classic electropop. When getting onto their ship, you cannot miss key tracks such as Burning Man, ‘Give Us the Love’, ‘Get It On’ and ‘Misleading’.

Patterns debut effort ‘Dangerous Intentions’ is flawless in every possible way and most definitely gets them on the synth Pop must-listen list.

You can listen to the album on their soundcloud page and then head over to purchase it on iTunes.