Dance Nation Final packshot 1

Ha!  Caught you.

Yes, I know you've had your eye on the new Dance Nation compilation CD that's in the shops right now. 

I bet you've been thinking, "damn I really could do with that cd and it's insane amount of remixes on it from every fooking hot dance song over the last year"…

Well you're in luck EQs.  Cuz I got five red-hot copies to give away right here, right now.  

The catch – you have to be a member of the EQ Facebook Group to qualify.  It doesn't hurt actually.  You just join, get the occasional email from us about free downloads, EQ club nights and competitions.  And if you hate that sorta shizz, you can just leave.  Sound fair?  Thought so.  Join here.

Just send me a Facebook email from the Group (my name is Raj Rudolph – duh) with your name and snail mail address and I'll pick 5 lucky EQs from a hat to send the CDs too.  Or if you're really creative and tell me why you deserve the CD more than anyone else, I may show some sort of favoritism.  Gasp!

So get Facebookin.  And thanks to Hard2Beat and Bally for making this wittle comp possible.