Say what, we haven’t seen much of former Menya songstress Angie Ripe, since she took on a solo career and slight change up in branding to that of Angi3 after the demise of Menya, but from what we can glean of what’s been happening since we noted a launch of her solo career back in 2012, is that Angi3’s continued to have been killin’ on the hip-hop flow, intact with a mama Minaj curvaceousness plumped in attachment to her rap vocal delivery.

However, none of the above applies to her latest tuneage “Damage”, which heads back off into a pop direction under the production of her fellow Menya homeboy DJ Good Goose.

Suiting a future popstar in waiting “Damage” colours in and dots the i’s of pop noteworthiness with a shiny hue of tempered mid-tempo arrangement. Much as Angi3’s rap voice is on the money, her pop voice is rather like an aurora borealis equally bestowed with an authoritive pop glow emanating about it.

Damage” deals in reminiscence with how sometimes in a quick blind minute within a relationship; you might do that one stupid thing perhaps in making a point but it backfires and turns out catalystically slapping you in the face to the point of no return.

From Menya and now to this, we are continued to be quite suitably impressed with the pop evolution of Angi3.