I freaking love this band.  Every track AlunaGeorge are churning out lately is jammed full of wonderful vocal delightfullness and sweet electronic saavy, making my love for them almost impossible to resist.

"You Know You Like It" by AlunaGeorge is out now on iTunes and I highly suggest you download it.

Their mastery of mixing genres like garage, electronica and pop is just unreal and their timing on the scene couldn't be any more perfect.  Even our friends at The Guardian agree and this is what they have to say about AlunaGeorge:

That idea of an “indie” band using the tropes and techniques of R&B, the stuttering rhythms and itchy glitchiness of 2step, in tandem with a proper pop song bright enough to light up the charts – you'd think bands would have been queuing up to do that. Well, AlunaGeorge are doing just that.”

You Know You Like It - EP - AlunaGeorge