Having a name that conjures up images of Tucker Jenkins in drag isn’t the only glorious thing about Watford-born songstress ‘Kyla La Grange‘. Kyla – part South-African, part Zimbabwean – also knows how to bang out a beautifully theatrical tune, with the voice of an angel and hair like My Little Pony.

Her 2012 album ‘Ashes‘ was passionate pastoral pop at it’s best, all dark and earthy like a lovelorn Alice, still calling to the world from inside that damned rabbit hole.
Now however, she’s painting her folk roses red with brand new single ‘Cut Your Teeth‘ – a soft electronic affair which reflects Kyla’s modern day Kate Bush-isms through the glistening looking glass.

The pulsing ribbed synths that burrow their way up to producer Jakwob‘s otherwise sparse yet shiny surface will send shivers down your spine. Haunting backing vocals also breathe life into the minimal soundscape, building on La Grange’s bewitching trademark style.

Although we’re not expecting this alt-pop Kylapillar (sorry…) to spread her wings quite as widely into the electro-pop skies as say, Ellie Goulding did with her transformation, ‘Cut Your Teeth‘ is still an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of what could come with KLG album #2, out later this year.