If you thought Madonna was timeless wait until you check out the new single and video from Petula Clark. The 80 year old “Downtown” singer is preparing for the release of her new album “Lost in You,” available this February. The new single, “Cut Copy Me” is a gracefully arranged ballad gently performed by the legendary songstress. It is almost like she is telling a love story from her past and you can’t help but listen with full attention.

“Cut Copy Me” is only the beginning. “Lost in You” will feature several new tunes including a cover of the 2006 Gnarls Barkley hit, “Crazy.” During her career, the international superstar has released 15 consecutive top forty singles and sold over 68 million records worldwide. With a return this beautiful we are certain that number will soar.

Not many singers own the skill to age gracefully with their music. This is not the case for Petula Clark. She has flawlessly delivered a modern tune with an authentic classic approach. Check out the video everyone is buzzing about. (Oh, and get ready for some kick ass remixes too).

“Lost in You” is available February 25.