It has taken a while for me to be wooed into the sassy dynamics of flaxen haired pop upstart Elsie, the jury has been out for some ample time, but today it has very much too my surprise all clicked in when Elsie popped into my inbox new song “Crying”.

Prior to this and all that I’ve previously heard from Elsie for the most part, left me in a state of confusion as to which direction the music was headed, it’s leapfrogged in being bold, punchy and raunchy, pitched into the contemporary sound of garage for a bit and straddled an electro funk groove in it’s attempts to earn favour.

Basspop or R&B leaning pop as you like, is the latest genre to get in on the act and it is this action of upturn that has ignited my interest in Elsie.

It has taken a little softening down on the vocals, carried with a synth fuzzy backdrop of sultry bubbling beats, on “Crying” to rais Elsie up on my emerging pop radar with a new hopeful insight that she might stick and build upon this soundscape some more.

It has appeared to me that Elsie has been in search of that niche sound, this slightly more moody and intimate vision of Elsie indicates that she has arrived somewhere in a good place, so please, please nurture it Elsie!