by Raj Rudolph

I've always wanted to say this in a blog – AS SEEN ON POPJUSTICE!

Last July, the Electrovamp girls SLAYED Sitges Pride on the main stage with their performance which included their new single "Hands Up" with internet YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. Just recently the girls have unveiled their bedroom video with Keenan and it's the cutest, fiercest little viral you've EVER seen.

We are so honoured to have Electrovamp come back to Sitges for the Poptronik Festival on September 1st and 2nd to perform their hits like "I Don't Like The Vibe In The VIP" and "Drinks Taste Better When They're Free" as well as this pop romp…

Get your "Hands UP" for Electrovamp at the Poptronik Festival. Did we mention it's FREE?! It's on the BEACH! VIP tickets on sale now on Clubtickets.