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Yes, it's true, as a faithful reader of EQ Music, you get a special discount on VIP tickets to the Poptronik Festival! What does this actually mean?

Party on down in la la land with SIRPAUL!

Get up-close-and personal when Andy Bell does "A Little Respect"!

Give Garcon Garcon a bear hug!

Strike a pose with Adam Tyler, Electrovamp and Nina!

Get free priority entry to all official Poptronik after parties!

Lounge in comfort at official Poptronik VIP zones!

If you were planning on coming to the Poptronik Festival, you might as well take advantage of your discount for being an EQ reader.

Step One: Go to Clubtickets

Step Two: Enter promo code POPEQ

Step Three: Get your ass to Sitges on August 31st! Visit for all the deets.