FrYars 2

Good lord, the press release that accompanies this wonderful track by Fryars informs me that his debut album will be with us in 2014. If you don’t know why am I so startled by this, its because I first picked up on him back in 2008, so whoa this is some sort of surprise.

In his 5 years to this point Fryars the pseudonym of Benjamin Garrett, has matured from his early bedroom recordings to a resoundingly in control pop composer, in control of his direction and growth.

When I think back to that first introduction of “Olive Eyes”, it’s a polished and slicker version of Fryars that now stands before us, having cultivated his talent in this interim.

Following through then in that train of thought, it’s very apt that now as release of his debut album approaches it is preceded with a formally befitting introduction in “Cool Like Me”.

The electronica is well rounded. The pop element is divinely balanced and the two together make for a contemporary symphonic sound that offers a refined and genial outlook.

There was a genius in those Olive Eyes 5 years ago and its come to the foreground today.