Yesterday truly felt like a historic day for me. Marriage equality got a huge step forward with the dismissal of DOMA and Prop 8 and we couldn’t be any more happier here at EQ as equality is something we truly feel passionate about.

For twelve states in the United States Of America, this now means that LGBT couples now have the same FEDERAL rights as everyone else when it comes to marriage and my dear friends in California can now rest easy as their gay marriages are TRULY REAL now.

Yesterday I was entrenched in the reactions of those celebrating the win and those still opposed and I had to laugh at their ridiculous arguments which still bring up GOD and traditional family values. I’ve never seen so many faces that looked like slapped asses in my life.

It just boogles me how many people are so against gay marriage. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled DOMA and Prop 8 unconstitutional, it’s not like anyone is forcing these people to get gay married, it just means they can’t discriminate against others for being gay married. Get over yourself, or move to one of the 38 states that still oppose your dated belief system.

To celebrate, why don’t we listen to one of the most important equality anthems that’s out right now.
It’s called “One Love” by Armand Deluxe and my good friend SIRPAUL, who just so happens to be happily gay married like myself.

I’m starting to feel proud to actually be an American again…