With a total of four quite arrestingly fabulous tracks now webwise, I think that it is high time to share the languidly charismatic, R’n’B drenched electronic glowing tunes that equate to newcomer TOTEM, even though the enigmatic persona behind the project wears an invisibility cloak of no press photos, no bio and only the most minimalist of social media presences.

When it is that we only have this one obscure introductory tweet in any form of communication from the artistic force behind TOTEM, “I am invisible, understand, only because people refuse to see me” – r. Ellison, we know we are being directed to immerse ourselves fully into the importance of the music and share our joy of experiencing it, once discovered, regardless of a new music industry that is conjunctly built upon the conscious of stylising, image and branding. To a degree I can recognise TOTEM’s viewpoint but on another, it is image that first meets the online eye before any prospective listener hits play. I’ll be frank I foraged through the web to obtain any sort of unveiling visual, since I felt the fabulousness of TOTEM’s music really warranted an Emerging Artist feature.

So after my fruitless search, and direction by TOTEM to be totally at one with the music, I shall instead concentrate upon the latest track reveal of “Columbia”.

With an impressively dreamy sub-base production, “Columbia” is dipped in R’n’B hued vocalism which holds up against the tracks overall dazed and electronically convulsing soundscape, which goes on to shift into a sensation most recognised of 4am, eyes flicking open semi-conscious blurriness.

After a morning of immersing myself into the soundbeds of TOTEM’s complete soundcloud repertoire of tracks I am struck by the similarity to another artist familiar to us and covered many times on EQBnB, aka Bombs And Bottles.

Whoever the mysterious TOTEM is, is to now count me in as a fan!

These tracks are seriously hot shizzling procreating aphrodisiacs!

Hear them / download them all for FREE on Soundcloud