Savannah Lynx 2

Hitting us sunny side up with her glowing debut single “Colors”, singer / songwriter Savannah Lynx shows promise of a beckoning future that’s gravitated towards that of prospective new pop dignitary status.

Simultaneously rolling out a music career for herself whilst, also currently studying at University is proof that natural talent is at the core of Savannah Lynx’s duelled success thus far.

Savannah is gifted with a pop hued vocal style that’s in keeping with her peer group of pop starlets but it also holds a maturity and self command to it that should further ensure that Savannah is capable of grabbing herself a place in the hearts of grown-up pop tarts also.

Our introduction to Savannah, falls in via the blazing club stoked effervescent energy of “Colors” which is boosted with all the fist pumping, hands in the air pizzazz to raise up the rafters.