“I’m like dynamite, need a cheerleader, let me throw you down while I look at her – I’m like – Oh my God, I think I need a girlfriend…Fuck all you bad boys!”

Cloud 69‘ is a riotous slice of electro-pop revelry. A rally song to ricochet between the balls of every objectifying high-school jock or misogynistic music mogul to ever do a good girl wrong…And who’s leading this sonic march?

Lowell is.

With her pom-poms raised like pistols, the 23-year old Torontonian serves up a simple yet sensual lyrical beat-down over skittering beats and spiky choruses, as though she’s just graduated with a masters degree in M.I.A. finger flips. Even her infectious coos sound like descending bombs; falling into the song’s frantically triumphant mix of noise and melody.

With all the sugary pop-moxie of Icona Pop and Oh Land, meets the punk attitude of Sleigh Bells or Elastica, ‘Cloud 69‘  (which is the lead single from her upcoming EP titled ‘I Killed Sarah V.‘) is destined to bring big things for Lowell in 2014.

Bad boys beware. She’s going to explode!

FREE DOWNLOAD: You can download ‘Cloud 69‘ by Lowell for FREE by clicking ‘Arts & Crafts‘ in the SoundCloud link above.