“When She Turns 18” is a song that everyone is talking about.  Shit – Britney Spears herself even tweeted about it and the man causing all this commotion is named Christian TV.  It’s all starting to bubble up for him in 2011 and I for one am loving his tunes and his racy music videos.  He’s just released his new mixtape (which Mandy featured on EQ Trax) and his new video called “Let’s Just Fuck” is most certainly pushing the envelope in modern pop music. 

I got a chance to meet Christian TV while he was over here last week and we met up at Universal Records to gab all about the wild world he’s living in at the moment.  From the Britneytweet, to his contrasting choice of stage name – we cover it all in this EQ Audio interview. 

Who the fuck is Christian TV?  Well there is a website setup for that very question.  Or if MySpace is your bag, you can find Christian TV on this MySpace link. Check out the EQ shoutout below too – I was quite impressed with Christian’s hair and have decided I want mine just like his….