Well well well, here we are again – another Dangerous Muse post.  You know it's been seven months since the New York City boys have offered up a teaser and behind-the-scenes footage of their video for "I Want It All".  Seven months!  Where's the bloody video?  I am dying here.  If Dangerous Muse had an alter ego like Beyonce, they definitely would be a bitch called "Tease"…

Anyways I jest and I'm still holding out hope for the boys as they have promised the album being released on iTunes very soon –  so to tide myself and all of you over until at least a proper video release for the new single, here's the audio for "I Want It All"…which coincidently did leak recently and if you were naughty and downloaded it, you better make sure you buy the single when it comes out proper.

And if that isn't enough for you, here's a video of their live show in Cambridge's Middle East where they performed "The Homewrecker", "The Rejection", "Everyday Is Halloween" and of course "I Want It All".