Kill Me Softly

Heads up on another faceless production duo. Actually, London based Kill Me Softly are more than faceless they are more of an entity to which I haven’t been able to locate a scrap of info or any social media presence upon them whatsoever on the interweb.

We do know that these nu-disco maestro’s are releasing their cosmic reaching shimmery disco piece via the Nude Disco imprint and that Kids At Midnight singer / songwriter Jane Elizabeth Hanley who fronts their track together “Catch” is pretty much the face of this particular release.

Actually it transpires that Jane’s assistance on this project is a match made in nu-disco heaven as the Australian singer / songwriter’s sweetly dreamy vocals are as much in princess pop alignment to that of Kylie and Pawws our other synth pop giver of all out airily bittersweet & flossy sugary loveliness

Also written by Jane, “Catch” literally floats on an 80’s cloud of influence, from Kill Me Softly’s retro steeped production right through to Jane’sPretty In Pink” inspired lyrics.

Moreover, “Catch” transcends, as a timeless piece of pop owing to it’s retro back to the futuristic outlook.