Darren Hayes is going above and beyond a normal single release of ‘Casey’ on 3 March by offering his UK fans a live recording of ‘Casey’ from each night on his UK Side Two Tour which kicks off this Sunday in London. That’s NINE different live versions of ‘Casey’ that are being released as part of the single. Very innovative we say! And if that wasn’t enough, the single is also being released in a variety of digital formats as well on iTunes and via www.darrenhayes.com for the serious Darren Hayes fan.

‘Casey’ is quite easily one of the best songs of our time. I can’t think of a better song of the moment that defines the word ‘epic’ to a tee. The first time I heard it, I couldn’t quite believe how good it was. When I heard it for the first time in glorious HQ on the album, I cried like a baby…it’s that good peeps. We all have to make this single release a hit for Darren Hayes – it’s our EQ duty. Please support quality independent electronic music by buying ‘Casey’ when it comes out and if you haven’t yet purchased Darren’s incredible double album ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’ yet then, well I can’t even speak to you.

And to close – LOVIN the Star Wars-esqe artwork.