Darren Hayes epic single "Casey" isn’t getting much radio airplay in the UK but that is hardly a reason not to buy it right this second via digital download from http://www.darrenhayes.dloadshop.com/. A firm fan favorite and the pinnacle of his live shows for the past year, "Casey" is in my opinion, Darren Hayes’ career best recording…debunking my personal favorite “Like It Or Not” from “Spin”.

It’s one of the only songs that can easily move me to tears (he says in his best macho voice), joining the emotional ranks of such heart-wrenching classics like Sarah McLachlan’s "I Will Remember You" , Madonna’s "Nothing Fails" and Tracy Chapman’s "Baby Can I Hold You" .  A stellar example of perfectly executed singer/songwriter skills, "Casey" deserves to be heard by everyone on this planet as it’s a song that everyone can relate to in some way. Unless we show our support right now, the world may never have the pleasure of knowing this song as intimately as you EQ readers do. 

Available in a plethora of digital formats on the link above, make sure you buy your copy and report back here to say that you’ve shown your support.  "Casey" may not be a chart hit, but the more we do to help promote it ourselves, the more the world will understand and come to know one of the music world’s greatest talents, the man that is Darren Hayes.

Have you bought "Casey" yet?

PS – the original demo version is gorgeous…it’s so uber cool to see how the original pop demo can turn into a lush pool of gorgeous electronica. And the HQ video is available on iTunes too – I’m loving it even more in full screen glory.