Ibiza deep house meets electro soul by way of the production of the white islands premiere force de electro the acclaimed groove-shaper Hypster embellished with the vocal enhancements of electro soul man Raff.

In follow up to their initial slinky funk-feast of collaboration “Mediterranean Love”, the pairing nail down a signature deep house bassline twisted up with beats of trance energy and an overlay of electro soul verve to bring to life latest release “Candy Hearts”.

Whilst at first we may be given the impression by title alone that this is an electro coated sugar rush of sorts, but the word that actually bursts from our lips in complete summation of description is bounce.

There is enough lift off of energy from “Candy Hearts” bassline to skyrocket the club dancefloor up to bump and boogie with the stratosphere and shimmy it’s dance goodness back down to neon earth again.