Say hello to Irene Divine – our newest Electroqueer roving reporter from New York City.  Raj and Irene go way back in the days that we used to be cinema bitches in a very cool independent movie theatre in Boston where we did everything from clean popcorn machines to cattle herd the masses when movies like the Blair Witch Project and Good Will Hunting used to sell-out our theatre. 

Aside from being an all out quality chick and long-time supporter of Electroqueer, Irene Divine will be offering up some quality music recommendations and going to New York City electro events when and where duty calls!  She has the best taste in music and we often look to her for discovering new artists that may have slipped by the Electroqueer radar. 

Add Irene Divine as a MySpace friend today over at her profile and as an intro into her crazy electro and synth-rock world, she has offered up some sizzling download recommendations for you to savor this week.  Over to you Irene…

Irene Divine: Hey Electroqueer readers, I freaking love you. i am so excited to be a part of Electroqueer, YAY!!!  Here is my first set of download recommendations for you.  This is fun..I hope they will be up to par!  Enjoy!

Sally Shapiro : I’ll Be By Your Side
Check out her MySpace Profile!

Canseil De Ser Sexy : Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
They’re cute little gals from Brazil. The words can be really bad, but good beats!

The Delays : Lost in a melody

The Knife : Heartbeats

The Bravery : Honest Mistake