The buzz is slowly building around Robyn at the moment with her upcoming release of ‘With Every Heartbeat’ on digital release on 30th July.  A snippet of the song has been regularly featured in one of those summer anthem compilation CD TV adverts and her interesting new video (which you can view over in the Electroqueer TV column) has quite a few bloggers engaging in "do i like it or not" convos.  We like it – it’s pretty cool – we love the bit where she changes (as if by magic) into the red version of her uniform…and her shoes are pretty nifty too. 

We are quite fond of the artwork for the release as seen below – we thinks whomever is in charge of her art direction over at Konichiwa Records is doing a fab job and we hopes Robyn takes them out for some yummy Swedish meatballs for capturing the essence of the album so perfectly.  We also thought it was mega cool last Saturday when ‘Whos That Girl’ was part of the pre-show DJ set at Darren Hayes show in London.  In our uber excited state, we were telling everyone – "That’s Robyn yo!"  Everyone was like…"That song is so cool"…Our friend Sy from Naked Highway says Robyn would go down a storm in America too if she promoted herself more – everytime he plays ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ in his DJ sets in NYC- he gets bombarded with the same question…"Who’s that girl?"

Make sure you check her out tomorrow at her London gig at Dingwalls!