So that Britney and Rihanna track we were speculating about earlier actually happened – today the world finally got the chance to get its ears all over Britney's remix of Rihanna's S&M.

Now although our reaction to "Femme Fatale" was lukewarm, she's brought us a couple of awesome singles lately and Rihanna's success with her latest album "Loud" has been a massive part of the pop world for the past few months. 

After teasing us all on Twitter last night, the track hit the internet earlier today. In this new remix of S&M both girls give us their own verse and chorus, and Britney's unmistakable vocals keep the tracks sounding fresh and interesting. It's also likely to please fans who have accused Britney's album promo being a little lacklustre. 

Listen to the collaboration below and decide for yourself!