This is by no means some arbitrary question.

Surely we have all noticed a subtle change in British rock music. It’s a far cry from what most consider being a key influence in the music industry and the path it has taken since then.If we look back into the history of British rock bands, superstar names like Led Zeppelin and their classic blues rock with a hint of psychedelic that formed in 1968 in the heart of London come to mind. The Beatles is arguably the most loved and well known band of all time. Hailing from Liverpool these skiffle 1950’s rockers single handedly changed the music scene forever. Becoming rock gods and pop culture icons imitated till today.

The legendary Queen was formed in 1970 of who the lead singer and front man was none other than the late great Freddie Mercury. Creating anthems such as “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” that reverberated around the globe. They were known for their experiments with sound recording and outlandish stage performances.

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If you look at the list of greatest rock bands in history you will notice a strange fact. British rock artists dominate this list, I would even go as far as saying that it was British rock that literally form 90 percent of that list, with the rest coming from America and who knows where else.

Although it was a vital tool in establishing British youth and music culture for some reason it did not gain the favour of the world and was often considered being less than American rock n roll even though it is important to remember how big of an influence the British artists had had on their American counterparts.

This era slowly faded away as rock music was going through an evolutionary period that hasn’t seemed to stop since the grand old days. Morphing into different genres and subgenres like punk rock, ska, glam rock and indie rock.

All of these taking the place of the former loved classic rock & roll. As technology has developed so has the sound, with more and more of the younger generation moving
to a form of synthesized beats and melodies. Slowly but surely R&B and Electronica took over, claiming the ears of more people than ever before.

Now with the dance music industry dominating the world it is unclear if British Rock music will reclaim its former glory. Nightclubs have taken over the party scene and it seems as if alternative rock has been cast into the odd bar or market left to lick its wounds in a dark corner of the world.

The fight for music supremacy is ongoing and we’re sure it will continue for a long time to come. As long you keep putting instruments in the hands of children, the art of making classic rock music will live on. An act we’re sure the rock gods will be smiling down upon us for.