This Bright Light Bright Light remix of Autoheart’s “Lent” is EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.

From the press release:

Following on from Autoheart’s new video for ‘Lent’ which premiered last week, the East London quartet invited friend and talented musician Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light to remix their new single.

The band decided to get Mr Thomas involved as a remixer because of their mutual respect for each other’s musical endeavours; “both living and socialising in East London, this was a wonderful opportunity for our paths to cross.”

Bright Light Bright Light was honoured to be asked,

“It’s always a challenge doing a remix, particularly of a band you like. I thought it would be fun to do something darker with ‘Lent’ as it’s so bouncy, I really like taking things in a different direction. It was fun.”

Autoheart were so impressed with Bright Light Bright Light’s offering that they decided to make a music video for the remix too, that has just been released: