Brayton Bowman 2

Cutting an impressive first impression of what could likely turn out to become a major new music talent through 2014, is Brayton Bowman an emerging artist out of Philadelphia.

Brayton a 20 year old music arts school student with a richly commanding vocal talent of the electro soul edged rapper persuasion, has the complete degree of artistic tenacity already in his favour through his singing and song writing skills to elevate him swiftly into the realm of becoming an in demand figure of stages and studios.

The soul tone comes with a wisened maturity and if Brayton happened to grow that froth of gingery bangs out to coiffure it into a coppery quiff then voilà he’d most be touted as the American equivalent of our own notable neo-soul operator and former BBC Sound Of Nominee Daley.

The proof is in the song as they say, but it’s also in the video for Brayton’s latest freshly baked teaser track “Done”, where not only do the slick vocal skills come into the play, there’s a rather nifty display of baking skills too.

Oh it’s too much, a guy who can sing like a dreamboat whilst baking cakes AND gifting this mega tuneage as a FREE DOWNLOAD into the bargain!

Brayton Bowman has undeniably got star quality literally seeping out of his pores and it will hit you in the very second it takes Brayton to sing his first note or two out.