In our latest Boys On Film review, Phil and Raj take on the new Sarah Paulson thriller Run.

From IMDB: A homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.

It’s quite evident that Raj liked Run a tad bit more than Phil did, but that’s not surprising since Phil is the more knowledgable pundit in the horror genre. One thing they can agree on though is that Kiera Allen shines in her first feature film role, playing the disabled teenage victim in this story that gives a whole new meaning to the term “overbearing mother”.

For Raj, Run provided a fantastic little getaway from the current overwhelming news cycle that’s been dominating everyone’s lives for the past year, It’s the perfect little movie to cozy up with on the couch and get lost in this little cinematic adventure to the town of Pasco, Washington.

If you’re looking for some easy escapism, give Run a whirl. Or if you’re a big fan of Sarah Paulson and need a nurse Ratched fix, you’ll love this wicked and thrilling little adventure. Run has already been released in the US and has yet to get an official UK release date, but make sure to look out for it soon.

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