Boy oh boy – we’ve watched a lot of television this year and it’s become quite hard to come up with this top TV list with Phil Marriott this year, but we managed to do it. In at our number 3 spot for Best TV show of 2017, we’ve chosen Mr. Robot and The Sinner.

Although Phil isn’t a big fan of Mr. Robot, Raj most certainly is. Mr. Robot is one of those shows you kinda need to watch from the beginning, otherwise it won’t make very much sense and it’s because of it’s ability to hook you in, is why it’s managed to keep a stronghold with it’s solid, cult fan base. Season 3 was no exception and probably the most intense season to date. Watch below to find out why Raj is raving about the latest series of Mr. Robot.

The Sinner was a show that Phil raved about this year which made it’s way onto Netflix with positive reviews. We must say this, if you’re a fan of murder mysteries, then this series will float your boat and you’ll know why Jessica Beil shines in the lead role, scooping up a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. See our initial review of The Sinner, here.

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