boy epic

Dallas, Texas recording pop artist Boy Epic, real name currently unknown, has been working hard trying to make a name for himself in the competitive world of music entertainment, racking up almost 100,000 Twitter followers and cranking out four singles over the past year. After offerings such as “Too Young To Love” and “Walk My Way“, the pop artist treated his fans to “Get Wet” as a treat for their support in Macy’s IHeartRadio Rising Star Competition.

Get Wet“, the new summer-inspired love track, has the crossover potential and catchy radio-friendly vibe needed to create a worldwide hit. “I just might let you kiss me, If you call me baby“, the artist bluntly sings to his blue-eyed lover. The track caught my attention due to his strong vocal performance, sweet and innocent on the verses while commanding the infectious nature of the chorus.

While the vocals and lyrics work on the new single, the production is commendable addition that deserves its praise. With summer officially here, the carefree, fun feel of “Get Wet” would sound perfect on the radio, playing for the love struck teenagers looking for that special fling. The naughty, PG-13 innuendos, the joyful, dance-worthy beats and a seductive vocal delivery all help create a track that could help Boy Epic continue to become more than just the typical independent artist.

Currently unsigned, the artist’s new offering will please his devoted fans while attracting a different type of audience. Pop lovers, familiar with the sounds of Austin Mahone and The Ready Set, will finds something to like. Boy Epic may not have the number of fans the artists on the top of the charts have right now, but determination and songs such as “Get Wet” will keep the artist on the right path towards pop domination.