Booty Luv are amazing; this is a fact. And so, we’ve given them some time to ‘Shine’ in this little interview, done though email, due to the fact that what with picking up envelopes with results in them, and what not, we’ve been a little busy over the last few days. But, fear not – because below you’ll find out Nadia and Cherise’s view of Pete Doherty, how you can become famous without any talent, who they would shoot if they could, and whose mouth is the dirtiest of the two. Genius, you might say.


Hello Booty Luv. First
things first, why are you called Booty Luv and not something far more boring,
with less anal sex connotations?

N: Because everyone loves a good boot leg and everyone likes a nice arse.

Now that you’re officially quite famous for
making great pop music, what would you say to someone who wants to be quite
famous themselves without doing too much?

N: You actually
need to have some talent first of all and then you won’t find it so hard to
make great pop music.
C: Or you could be
lazy and try being a WAG.
N: But we’re not
into that!

Is there a problem now days with teenagers
who think because Paris Hilton is famous for doing almost fuck all that they
can become famous for as little as a sex video?

C: Definitely –
because obviously they look at Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and they are
encouraging the teenagers to have no form of ambition.
N: All they see is
all these girls get everything without doing too much – the parents are
obviously not teaching them any morals – and spoil them, so they expect more.

In our iTunes, after we have listened to
some Booty Luv – the next song alphabetically is Britney Spears’ ‘My
Prerogative’ which has lead to a quite high play count for this song. How is
Booty Luv better than Britney Spears?

N: We don’t want to
compare ourselves to Britney – we are doing totally different music.
C: We have a lot of
respect for her she’s a good performer and think she’s great.

Do you think that – if you were guaranteed a
front page splash in every tabloid in this country – both of you would be
willing to shave your heads and attack some paparazzi with an umbrella?

N: No, we wouldn’t
shave our heads for publicity.

In ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’, the latest
quite amazing cover you are fronting – you tell people to get their hands off
your man. But, in a twist on this, who would you like to get your hands on…?

N: Pharrell
Williams he is my husband but he just doesn’t know it!
C: For me it would
be Nas – but I doubt he would leave me for Kelis! I don’t think he would bat an
eye lid at me but if he did I would jump on him straight away.

If you did get your hands on them, would it
all be quite playful, or would your hands go further than just playful

N: Of course it
would go further than touching! I’ll take Pharrell Williams to Neptune.

At the moment, on the corner of our desk is
a copy of NME with a picture of Pete Doherty on the front of it. Is he
misunderstood or a bit of a dick?

C: Misunderstood –
troubled I reckon.
N: I don’t really
think he cares though. I don’t want to say he’s a dick because we don’t know
him. But if you know you can do something about your habit you should, and stop
beating up paparazzi in the street. But I don’t know him, he could be a nice

As you are aiming for the dance/pop market
with your up-and-coming album, is there an unwritten rule that you can not
swear under any circumstances on the album because of the young kids that might
be assaulted by the language?

N: That doesn’t
come across our mind – even if we think of a good line with the word fuck in we
won’t use it.
C: Making the album
was a really positive experience so we didn’t feel the need to swear.

Now is the can you shock us part of this
interview, and what is your favourite swear word?

C: Cunt.
N: I don’t think I
have a favourite – I tend to use everything apart from that ‘c word’.

Considering that you two are now proper
popstars – do you ever have time to bother with your Myspace? Do you answer the
fifteen year olds’ questions? Do you even know the logon for the page?

C: Of course we do,
we are on Myspace all the time. We haven’t got some little woman that we keep
in an office to do it.

Do you believe that now as we have lost
almost all the Saturday morning pop shows – that Booty Luv is quite dependant
on good online coverage to make the charts?

N: If we do make
the charts by on line coverage that’s cool – but we are confident on how we
C: We generally
check our Myspace to see how everyone is.
N: We don’t try and
promote ourselves though. If people ask then we let them know.

Talking of your album – will it do a Kate
Nash and go to number one when it is released?

N: We don’t know –
Kate Nash is totally different to ours.
C: This is the
question that is the killer – we will see how it does.

A few months ago, we read about a Belgium
politician who was willing to give out 40,000 blowjobs in return for 40,000
votes at the next election. Seeing as politics are far less important than pop
music – what is going to be your gimmick to encourage people to buy your album?

N: Buy our album
that is what it will be.
C: We are not going
to have gimmicks we are just going to be ourselves.
N: We are not going
to go out blow-jobbing people.

Do you think that this is likely to help the
album’s sales at all?

C: Yeah, if you are
being true to yourselves and proud of the music you have done – we’re not
trying to make up something to give them a reason to buy the album.
N: If they want to
buy it – great!

While we are writing these questions – we
are apparently listening to something from an Israeli popstar. We have no idea
what she is saying – but it does sound quite good. Is pop music something that
can unite people all across the world?

N: I guess so if it
sounds poppy – it doesn’t matter where you’re from.
C: It’s more about
melody than actual words.

The world has had a lot of charity concerts
lately. What charity concert are we missing? ‘Sing for the diary farmers of New
Zealand’? ‘Sing for the underpaid footballers’?

N: For disabled
children who still have a talent.
C: To raise
awareness for Bootys in the world – that will save the world.

Second last question: If the Prime Minister
decided to make a law that pop duos were able to shoot one person, without fear
of prosecution, who would you shoot and why?

N: I would shoot
one of the cheeky girls
C: And I would
shoot the other.

Now that we are near to the end of this
interview after having officially mentioned what we’re listening to about five
times during this set of questions: what is Booty Luv listening to at the

B: T-pain we’re
both listening to, when we are on the road we listen to Radio 1, Heart,
Capital, Magic, and Kiss.

Thank you very
much for that Booty Luv.