Photo: Dan Curwin

Say hello to a new tune from Charli XCX that our favourite bubble goth girl friend has made available for the film soundtrack “The Fault In Our Stars”.

Whilst we’ve all been Charli pop teased a little by the current Iggy Izalea collaboration of “Fancy”, we receive the full doody measure of signature Charli XCX on the dynamically vivacious, acidic lollipop tasting “Boom Clap”, and hurrah it all sounds deliciously in-keeping with the debut album “True Romance”, my absolute favourite album of last year and one that I still can’t get enough of. I have strong imaginings that “Boom Clap” would have slotted in alongside “Stay Away” rather nicely

For now, “Boom Clap” will be serving us amply, coated in it’s fluttery black coated disco glitter until we receive further glimpses of the upcoming sophomore album.

Excuse me whilst I fan girl, coz……. “Boom Clap” goes the sound of my pop heart when I’m on the receiving end of listening to this track.