Quite simply put – “Body Talk” by Robyn is the best electro-pop album of 2010.

2010 has most definitely been an exceptional high for Robyn.  With the release of three albums this year, Robyn just continues to go from strength-to-strength with each new batch of fresh tracks she releases.  November 29th sees the release of the third and final album in the amazing “Body Talk” trilogy which combines all the best elements from parts 1 & 2 with four brand new songs for a fresh new listening experience that you can get lost in electric dreams quite easily.  What Robyn has actually done here is crowned herself the QUEEN of computer pop when all-the-while she was just trying to create a more organic way of making music while touring and recording.  Her innovative way of keeping true fans happy and entertained while on the road has now become precedent for similar artists in her genre – it’s true artistry that goes beyond the confines of being just a singer/songwriter – it’s technical innovation that pushes the boundaries of recording an album while still maintaining a lo-fi chic that’s cool.

So what about the new songs you ask?  “Time Machine” is quite possibly my favorite song from the “Body Talk” collection.  Think dancefloor mayhem with pop dust sprinkled on top of a “Back To The Future” theme.  “Call Your Girlfriend” sees Robyn going back to being the love-starved outsider girl she was in “Be Mine!” – but with a smooth and synthesized back-beat.  “Get Myself Together” is genius – with confused 90s drum patterns and clever use of actually being “not that clever”.  The album’s closing track “Stars 4-Ever” is a cutesy anthem (but not borderline cheesy) about staring into the stars on the hood of a car – we’ve all been there haven’t we?  Robyn captures the feeling effortlessly in song.

EQ raw audio interview footage with Robyn

I’ve had a wonderful time immersing myself into “Body Talk” this year with the “Body Talking With Robyn” interview series.  As a special treat for EQ readers, I’ve decided to offer up the raw audio of my last meeting with Robyn as there is some blips in there you may not have heard before.  You can also enjoy all the music videos from “Body Talk” thus far after the jump.  I think it’s safe to say that “Body Talk” is a must-own album for any love of electro-pop – it will definitely be in my top ten list of 2010 for sure and well, I’m pretty much struggling to think of an album this year that could top it…


“Hang With Me”

“Dancing On My Own”