Portia Ferrari

Currently heating up in the underground and poised to bubble up through onto the overground, Super Electric Party Machine the weekly London club party that has evolved into a full-grown production duo comprised of producer/remixer AttackAttackAttack and New York dance music aficionado Larry Tee are set to let loose their 3rd single release.

Named as “Bodytalk” the duo are assisted by music newcomer Portia Ferrari, who is most known for turning heads in the fashion circles as a model, and as the face of the Versus & M.I.A. Versace Collection after being handpicked by the outlandish rapper herself.

Sometimes these type of arts cultured collaborations just look good on paper, but this is a collaboration that pays dividends.

From it’s Innercity groove house roots upwards to Portia’s gutsily purring vocal presence, “Bodytalk” shows out with enough ear popping and dance-floor stomping appeal to super soak and shower down the club land massives in a surging neo-house wave of funkiness.

Quite the best I’ve heard in a while to get down and dirty on the dancefloor with, but then you can’t really go wrong with this kind of dancefloor crossover approach.