As individual solo artists, success has always been a little bit difficult for Duncan, Antony, Lee and Simon, but together as Blue, they are truly unstoppable. 

I seriously can't wait to see them come back into the limelight as the UK's first "quality" entry in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Germany this year with their single "I Can".  Blue have always been my favorite UK boyband since I moved to London 10 years ago.  I remember seeing their very first live performance opening for Melanie B back in the day and I was and still am, blown away at their collective talent.  Boy have Blue come a long way.

What great news!  Total surprise!  And so glad we didn't have to endure one of those tacky reality shows picking the UK entry this year – it's much easier this way BBC.  Thank you.

Let's take a trip down the retro rewind with "Too Close" now shall we…