Is it just me or are music videos leading up to Halloween this year getting increasingly bloody?  After a long wait for us pop hungry fans, Darin has finally unveiled his new music video to “Lovekiller” exclusively to Aftonbladet today and you can watch it right here!

I love the Supernatural-esque black-eyed demons in the video and well the song itself can do no wrong in my book.  Hands down Darin – you’re best music video yet! Thanks to the ever-reliable Scandipop for the morning tip-off!

If you missed our EQ interview with Darin back in August, click here!


Next up in the bloodbath is Ari Gold. He’s recently premiered his new video to “Make My Body Rock” which takes gore in a music video to a whole new level. I actually feel really horrible when the little girl gets eaten by a coven of sexed-up vampires, but then breathe a sigh of relef when I realize it’s all just a dream! True Blood – eat your heart out and thanks to Ari Gold for making such a brilliant track and video – love it!