Jake Sims

Having now experienced the full enveloping power of Jake Sims vocal mightiness first hand at our recent EQ Live showcase, I can quite categorically relay to you now that I felt nothing but total magnetism to the shear magnitude and outstanding performance resounding of Jake’s quite intensely sonorous toning. I mean, I knew that he was good from what I’ve heard online, but within the club setting of The Workshop, Jake’s vocals were literally bouncing off the walls they were so incredibly dynamically impassioned.

To be perfectly honest with you Jake has just the kind of vocals that I can easily loose myself within. I am even more convinced now, (if that was ever possible) that Jake has all the necessary qualities to take him to the next level of big climatic anthem domination.

Being that Jake is rising through the developmental stage of his career, and is very much going out there to showcase his incredible talent, there has been no formal release of material as of yet, enabling that you and I might indulge our keenness to purchase some of his magnificent pop wares.

But we do now have a FREE DOWNLOAD remix of Jake’s arrestingly sensational track “Blind” to be plugging the gap and sending eargasmic sound waves into our daily lives.

Remixed by Italian producer Laibert, “Blind” is given a sumptuous chilled nu-disco layer, taking Jake into the realms of spinning the mirrorball.