Although I am not a fan of Blake Lewis’ first single “Break Anotha”, I completely went ga ga over his performance of “How Many Words” on American Idol which was just shown on UK TV. Wow – just wow.

My view on Blake Lewis is somewhat limited. I didn’t watch American Idol last year and normally I am not into these reality talent shows like I was when they first came out seven years ago, but it’s kinda hard to not get sucked into American Idol this year. Anyways, before I get going on a rant about these shows and how Jason Castro is the best thing I’ve seen in years, let me just shut up and post Blake’s performance of “How Many Words” for all the non-American readers who haven’t seen this yet.

And – I highly recommend giving Blake’s album “Audio Daydream” a whirly woo – EQ is bigging upping “End Of The World” now in the EQ Chart which is pure electronic pop pleasure. And tracks “1000 Miles” and “I Got U”, well I could just listen to those tracks all day.